Inspire & Create is now Style of Green!
Spring flowers

Dear reader. So happy to inform you that Inspire & Create has moved to Style of Green!

New name, new look

I have been working on this website for almost a year. It took a long time because I kept on changing and tweaking it. I also was a bit nervous about moving the blog to another place, changing the blog with a name and look and opening a shop as well. Yes, I also have a shop now! In the shop you can buy some of my photos as a print. I will be printing them in my home studio, printed on fine art paper and signed by me. I also will be selling some prints of my art work. More things will be added to the shop soon. I am so excited!

Spring Flowers

Spring already

So much has happened in the last months, time flies, can't believe it is spring already! I finished new projects and photo styling shoots for some lovely clients and now my website is finally online. I am so happy.

Spending time on the things I love

I am looking forward to write more blogs here and make this site my own. Now the website and webshop are finished I am planning to spend a little more time on the things I love the coming weeks like making photos, going outside and make a few visits to the thrift store.

Let me know what you think!

I hope you will come back to visit once in a while. Have a look around on the new website and let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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My Best Nine on Instagram 2018
My best nine 2018

Last day of the year, time for my best nine on Instagram!

My Best Nine 2018

These are my most liked photos of the past year. I can't believe I already have 36K followers on Instagram. I am so grateful for all the comments, follows and likes. It makes me happy that people like what I am creating. Making still lifes in little corners of my home.

Looking back on 2018, it was a year of inspirational collaborations. Besides doing a lot of photography for brands, creating websites and blogging, I did some amazing projects as well. Pickmotion has selected some of my photos for their postcard collection. I started writing a column about flowers for Rikiki, a Slovenian Lifestyle Magazine and there was an article about me in the local newspaper.

One of my favourite highlights was of course our visit to London and the Amara Interior Blog Awards for which this blog was shortlisted.

2018 was a great year! Looking forward to an even better 2019, I have a lot of ideas that I want to explore and one special project that I will launch very soon. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Want to check out your best nine on Instagram? Go to and enter your profile name.

Pickmotion Christmas postcards

A couple of my photos are selected for postcards from Pickmotion. The first one that has been printed is a Christmas card.

Pickmotion postcards

In March this year, Pickmotion contacted me because they liked some of my photos. Long story short, here is the first postcard from Pickmotion with a photo of mine. Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten or Bonne Année! Love to see the printed cards, they are beautiful and I like the way they designed it.

Moments that Matter

Pickmotion has its office in Berlin. The postcards are available in 600 shops throughout Europe. Unique photography by international Instagrammers on postcards! The cards are printed especially to evoke the times of instant photography. For "Moments that Matter".

Can't wait to see how the other cards will turn out.

Winter time

Speaking of Christmas, are you already getting in the decoration mood? Have a look at my Instagram account, it is getting more Christmassy every day and I am so inspired by other Instagrammers who started decorating their house. I love the winter time, making it cosy inside and spending quality time with family and friends. Gather around the fireplace, preparing delicious food, having dinner at a big table together.

In winter nature is resting, the birds are more quiet. The trees outside have already lost their leaves. And maybe we will be lucky and have some snow. This picture is from last december.

Winter landscape

I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again." 

Lewis Carroll

Wishing you all a lovely Holiday season!


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London visit

Last week I went to London with my family.  We had such a great time!

We visited London because my blog was shortlisted for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog International and we went to the award night of the Amara Interior Blog Awards. Read more about the evening in my previous post.

We found a really lovely Airbnb in Maida Vale. It was situated in one of the lodges around the corner of Clifton Road. It was very easy to travel around the city with a bus stop in front of the apartment and the underground station Warwick Road at the end of Clifton road.

The first day we arrived, we went downtown, walked near the Thames and the London Eye, the Big Ben and House of Parlement. Unfortunately the Big Ben is being repaired and was totally covered. It was cold and we had a warm whiskey at one of the stands and sat by the fire.  We went back to the apartment and had a good night sleep after all the traveling we did and the impressions of the city.

Near our Airbnb

There were a lot of nice little shops, bars and restaurants near our Airbnb. We enjoyed coffee and lunch at Baker & Spice.

London visit, Baker & Spice
London visit, Baker & Spice

Coffee at Baker & Spice.


Hanging flower baskets everywhere.

London visit, Absolutely Flowers & Home

Absolutely Flowers & Home, loved this shop, I wish I could have brought some of these plants and flowers home!

London visit, Absolutely Flowers & Home
London visit, Clifton Greens

Autumn vibes at Clifton Greens on Clifton Road.

Colours of London

London visit, Inspire & Create

I love the coloured doors and houses in London.

London visit, Inspire & Create

Green door in a street near our Airbnb.

Notting Hill

London visit, Notting Hill

The next day we went to Notting Hill and Portobello Road, we were very lucky the weather was great and sunny all the days we were in London. We enjoyed walking around, the shops and having a coffee on the terrace of The Distillery. We went to the famous Notting Hill bookshop and bought a book about Wabi Sabi, Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life from Beth Kempton.

London visit, Notting Hill

Dream Houses.

London visit, Notting Hill

Love this red leaved tree with the classic car in front of it.

London visit, Biscuiteers

More colours in Notting Hill

London visit, Biscuiteers

Pastel houses.

London visit, Biscuiteers

The beautiful shop front from Biscuiteers, they sell hand iced biscuits and cakes.

London visit, Biscuiteers
London visit, Biscuiteers

I want them all, they look so beautiful and delicious!

London visit, Biscuiteers
London visit, Electric Cinema

If we could have stayed longer we would have loved to watch a movie in this Theatre.

In the evening we went to the award night of the Amara Interior Blog Awards, read all about it here.

London visit, Harrods

The next day we went to the Natural History Museum and later in the afternoon we also visited Harrods. The amount of luxury things they have is always overwhelming. It was very busy, our feet were hurting from walking so we had a cup of tea in the cafe. I had to take a picture of these beautiful flowers from Neill Strain Floral Couture.

After one more night in London we had to go back home, still so much to see and do, can't wait to go back, until next time!


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Amara Interior Blog Awards London
Amara Blog Awards 2018

Last week I went to London to the Amara Interior Blog Awards. My blog was shortlisted for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog in the International category!

We decided to go with the four of us (me, my husband and our two sons) and have a couple of days together in London with the family. I will tell you all about it in another blog!

One Marelybone

The ceremony was held in One Marelybone, a former church now one of the leading unique venues of London. The evening was amazing, I felt overwhelmed by it all. The beautiful interior, the food and drinks, my blog in the Award Guide, is this real?

Amara Blog Awards 2018

And the winner is?

The ceremony was led by Michelle Ongundehin, she is the former editor-in-chief of British ELLE-Decoration.  Finally my category was announced. My blog was on the big board together with A house full of Sunshine, House of Hawks, MarilenStyles and Peony & Page, and the winner is? House of Hawks! I have to say I was a little disappointed but also relieved, I didn't know I could be so nervous! Congratulations House of Hawks! Unfortunately she wasn't at the awards because she lives in Dubai.

Amara Blog Awards 2018

Gin cocktails & canapés

After the ceremony we were having gin cocktails and we enjoyed the rest of the evening. I met Francesca from Fall for DIY, that was amazing as I have followed her blog for years. I also met blogger Hester, she is actually Dutch like me but lives in England, her blog is Hester Handmade Home. The Italian blogger Mariana from Interior Notes and her friend Giulia and Claire from Pillar Box Blue who won Best Craft Blog.


Time went by quickly and before we knew it the evening was over and we left with a big goodie bag. Can't wait to try everything!

Amara Blog Awards 2018 Goodie Bag

1. Orla Keily house, pillow cover 2. Amara, photo frame 3. Printed, notebooks 4. Missoni Home, towel 5. Tom Dixon, tea light 6. LSA, egg cups 7. Farrow & Ball, Sulking Room Pink No. 295 8. Voluspa, Room & body mist 9. Eve Mattress, Eye mask 10. Gorilla Glue 11. Fat Boy, key chain 12. Leica, pen 13. Scented card, Max Benjamin For Amara

Thank you so much Amara for a great evening and hope to see you soon London!


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Brown bottle collection
Brown bottle collection

Some of my vintage brown bottles I want to show you, it is becoming quite a collection. I love to use them in my still lifes.

How did it start?

The first ones I got from my old work, a medicine company. They moved to another city and didn't want to use the old bottles anymore so I was happy to take them home. After some time I found some smaller ones in the thrift store and last month I found a big collection of bottles in all sizes in an Antique barn that will be closing soon. They were stuck in the attic waiting for 30 years to be found by me!

Bottles in Still Lifes

I started to use the bottles in my photography still lifes a couple of years ago, I like the combination with plants and flowers. I always loved the botanical gardens and their apothecaries.

Brown bottle collection

I also got some new bottles from Kuishi Home that I use a lot. Like on the photo below.

Brown bottle collection
Brown bottle collection

These are most off the ones I have collected, I am thinking of selling some of them. What do you think? I will not use all of them and some of them are doubles.

Brown bottle collection

Exotic Basil Kit

These are the bottles I used for the Urban Leaf Kit with three kinds of exotic Basil, can't wait until they are grown so I can try the different flavours. They have the perfect size for the inserts.

Urban Leaf wants to bring a healthier, more sustainable food system to the masses. They want to give people the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food in any space, even a tiny New York City apartment. So you can have your herbs and edible flowers at any time. I will show you the progress in another post!


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And suddenly it feels like autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, the colour of the leaves and the smell in the air make me happy. I love wandering through the garden, dunes and woods to collect little flowers, seeds and branches. You can find Rosehips and Sea Buckthorn near our house.

Nature table

When the kids were little, I often made a Waldorf nature table for Autumn. We enjoyed searching for chestnuts, acorns and leaves in the forest. It is such a great thing to do together. Coming home and see what you have gathered at the table with a cup of tea.

Now my kids are older we don't do that any more, but we still go out for walks. Eating pumpkin soup and drinking orange ginger tea like we used to do during this time of year. We also make jams and chutneys from harvested fruits.

Some photos of my nature finds.

Autumn flatlay
Autumn flatlay
Autumn flatlay
Autumn flatlay

Needless to say I enjoy this season very much, it also feels like a new beginning after the summer.

Hope you are inspired to go out and collect your own leaves, seeds and branches!


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Summertime, making plans for the coming season

The summer has started, I love this quiet time of the year. In the summertime the city is deserted, Social Media is flooded with pictures of swimming pools, beaches and exciting places. We are not going on a vacation yet, so I am using this time to recharge, make new plans for the coming season and finish some of my own neglected projects. I have been working on something very exciting, I will tell you more soon!

Help in the office

Since this month I have an intern, she comes every Wednesday. She is great! I teach her things and I also learn from her, she knows a lot of things that I didn't even know. She helps me with my photography projects and also with Social Media marketing. You can follow her on Instagram.

Other Summertime Projects

Still some things to do this month. I have been asked by a magazine for young parents to share my photos in their issue. This year I also started blogging for Greenhouse blog, a Dutch blog about flowers and plants. It is a very nice platform and I am so happy to write for them.

summer flowers

My friends garden

In the meantime I am enjoying the summer at home. Going to the beach or visiting my friend's garden. She has a lovely plot filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers. Last time when I visited her, we had a picnic together with another friend of ours. We talked about food, gardening and life in general, we had a great time. Always enjoy these special moments with friends!

Summertime - picnic

A picnic with homemade treats is alway a good idea :-)

Summertime - Garden plot

Garden vibes, so many flowers, bees and birds. What a great place to be.

summertime - Dahlia

I took home some of the pretty Dahlias.

Summertime Dahlias

I almost didn't have enough bottles to put them in.

Wishing you all a beautiful summer!


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Instagram photos turned into Art

Finally I made time to write this post about the talented artists who make art inspired by my photos on Instagram. Every time an artist sends me a message about what they have created I can't wait to have a look. Each of them have a different style and technique and they are all unique and special. It makes me so happy that my photos are an inspiration to others.

In this post I am sharing some of my favourite artworks, you can slide to see the photo and the illustration. If you are also inspired by my photos and made a drawing or painting, please send me a message of what you have created and maybe I will share it on my blog next time!

Here are some of my favourite Instagram artworks, don't forget to slide! ↔

Illustrated by Young K.

llustrated by Harriet Lowther

Instagram illustrations

Instagram illustrations

Instagram illustrations

Instagram illustrations

Harriet also made a pin of this illustration, you can buy it in her Etsy shop! I have one too and I am so happy with it.

Illustrated by Georgie Ravenscroft

Painted by Maryse Kok

Painted by Holly Hoffman

Illustrated by hakunamatata_0_

Drawing by Bibipar

Illustrated by YirAn

Painted by Panícula

Drawing by Yiota Efthimiou

Painted by Raíssa Bulhões


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Styling with plants and bottles in your home

As you may know, I like to mix plants, flowers and bottles together. Here is some styling I did in my home.

Styling with Kuishi bottles

I mix plants, vases and objects together,  small ones in the front, large in the back until I am happy with the composition.

Styling with Kuishi bottles

Here is my planty bar cart. I found it in a thrift store and painted it with varnish. I now use it to store my vases and bottles and make little still lifes.

Styling with Kuishi bottles

The bottles I used this time are from Kuishi, a wonderful home and lifestyle brand based in Cornwall, UK.

Founder Stephanie started this brand when she decided to make simple choices about the small things that made her feel good. By reducing the impact of her spending habits and the things she consumes have on the environment and people.

Styling with Kuishi bottles

Just mix and match your plants, flowers, vases and bottles and create a little display in your home.

Styling with Kuishi bottles

I really like this trigger bottle, also from Kuishi, that sprays a very fine mist, my plants love it.

Styling with Kuishi bottles

I get a lot of questions on my Instagram about my bottles and where to buy them. Kuishi provides beautiful products that will help you not only make a small difference to the environment but will improve the look and feel of your home and your lifestyle. They also have a nice collection of vintage bottles.

This post was made in collaboration with Kuishi


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Tropicool | Urban Jungle Bloggers

The Urban Jungle Blogger theme for this summer is Tropicool.

New plants in the house! With the theme of Urban Jungle Bloggers in mind, I collected some new tropical flowering plants. They give a tropical vibe together with the banana plant and cacti.

It has been a while since my last post for Urban Jungle Bloggers. Instead of every month, the theme is now seasonal which is perfect but unfortunately I missed the Spring edition. So glad to join again this summer with Tropicool!


One of the plants I got is the Calathea Crocata Candela, also known as Eternal Flame. The flowers look like bright little orange flames rising up from the plant. The leaves have a beautiful dark green and purple colour.


Terracotta pots are my favourite, love the orange together with green leafy plants.


I also got this new tiny cactus last month, how to resist this little beauty?


I took my rotan chair from the garden to create an outside atmosphere in the house. First I made another styling setup with more of my plants, but I always seem to go back to less is more. I think it brings out the individual plants and makes them shine.

The pillow with green leaves is from H&M, the bench and sheep rug are from IKEA.


The little Bromelia Guzmania is just the opposite of the Calathea, light green leaves with a deep red flower. Love this color. I plan to repot it, so it can grow bigger.


Wishing you all a sunny and tropicool summer!

Urban Jungle Bloggers  from around the globe share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs, and green tips & tricks, hosted by Igor and Judith. You can find additional inspiration on their Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board and keep up-to-date on their website,  Facebook page and Instagram account.

Styling & Photography: Helga de Waal


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Display your favourite place of the world with Mapiful



A poster from Mapiful has been on my wish list for a while. I was thrilled to order a print. This particular poster will be a present for my eldest son. He is traveling overseas for the first time and I thought it would be special if he would get a print of the city where he starts his journey, New York.


The poster from Mapiful is beautiful and I love the graphic design. The order process is really easy. You can customize the text if you want to. I decided to keep the original. But I also love the fact that you can make your own design, zoom in, zoom out and choose any place in the world to display. The poster was delivered from Sweden in no time.


Love the stunning design of the maps ♡


I am proud of my son and especially the person he has become. Soon he will be moving out of our home, into the world. This poster will always remind him of his first journey, traveling the world.

What is your favourite place in the world?

If you want to design and order your own Mapiful poster just go to their website. And check out their Instagram account, it shows posters in different settings from all over the world.

This post was made in collaboration with Mapiful


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Plant lady DIY cross stitch kit

Lucky me when I was asked to try the DIY cross stitch kit with the pattern "Plant Lady" from Cotton Clara.


Inside the pretty package I found a card with a nice personal message from Chloe the owner, a wooden board cut with the cross stitch pattern, yarn, a needle, the instructions and a little fabric bag to keep the banner in.

The instructions where very easy to follow and I finished my banner in no-time.


I love the banner. It also makes a great gift.  Cotton Clara sells more designs, you can find them in her Etsy shop. I also like the handwriting boards she makes, you can check them out at her Instagram.


This post was made in collaboration with Cotton Clara


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Inspired by nature: soy candle

I was so excited to receive a soy candle from Handmade Candle Co. Their botanical blends are inspired by nature, adventure and the great outdoors.

I chose Cedar & Patchouli and the smell is absolutely amazing. It reminds me of a breezy summer evening, when you just went to the beach and the air is filled with the smell of Jasmine flowers mixed with Patchouli, Vanilla and Cedarwood. Need I say more?


The candle is hand-poured with natural soy wax, cotton core wicks and blended with fine fragrance oils. I love the fact that the soy wax is renewable, sustainable, non-toxic and bio-degradable.

P42800572.jpg soy candle

The apothecary container mixes well with my vintage brown bottles and plants and together with the fragrance of the candle I am in botanical heaven. You can see all the products of Handmade Candle Co. on their website.

This post was made in collaboration with


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New plant in the house: Monstera

When I visited the garden centre and just couldn't resist to take this lovely plant with me. A Monstera.


I put it on this little cabinet where I keep my books. Actually this is a tea cabinet that I use as a bookcase. I keep my art and design books in there and also the books that are most special to me.


The Monstera has a lot of new leafs, I hope it will do well in our home.

Chemex coffeemaker

The Chemex coffee maker is a gift for my birthday. I like the timeless design with the shape of an hourglass. Making coffee has become a small ritual for us in the morning.


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My best nine on Instagram 2016
Best nine on Instagram

Last week of the year, time for my best nine on Instagram!

Cats and plants are favorite as you can see. Looking forward to another year on Instagram. :-)

Want to check out your best nine on Instagram? Go to and enter your profile name.


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Plant still life desert
Plant still life desert

Plant Still life - Desert: this month's topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers.

When I saw this month's topic, I immediately had to think about my road trip with my bestie Meke. The last time I visited her in the USA, we drove from Kansas City to San Diego and passed the Grand Canyon, the desert and a lot of other beautiful landscapes.

Plant still life desert

I still have some maps, postcards and souvenirs from that trip. I decided to use one of the maps for the photo shoot as a part of the background.

Plant still life desert

The Selaginella pilifera (Rose of Jericho) is a desert plant. When put in water it opens up, becomes green and starts growing, it is a miraculous plant. I have had it for many years now and it still amazes me.

Plant still life desert

The cacti and succulent can't be left out in this still life and I added some rocks to fit the theme.

Plant still life desert

Another succulent from my collection that matches the pale light green colour of the map.

Plant still life desert

Recently, my friend Meke send me a postcard when she went on another road trip. On this postcard she wrote about remembering our last trip together. I love those stamps by the way!

Plant still life desert

The vintage card on the left is a souvenir and the card on the right is the one my friend Meke send me.

Plant still life desert

This is a picture I took of the desert landscape that we passed during our road trip.

I love to travel and this trip was one of the highlights. Can't wait to visit her again. Or go to some other country that we already picked to go travel together to in the future.

Loved styling this little still life for Urban Jungle Bloggers again!

Plant still life desert

Urban Jungle Bloggers  from around the globe share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs, and green tips & tricks, hosted by Igor and Judith. You can find additional inspiration on their Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board and keep up-to-date on their website,  Facebook page and Instagram account.


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The colourful home of Elies
Elies van der Linden Home

This time I want to show you around in the beautiful home of my friend graphic designer Elies van der Linden. She lives in The Hague in a little ground floor apartment. Her taste is colourful and minimal with natural elements.

Elies van der Linden Home

The grey cabinet fits perfectly next to the mantlepiece. Behind the glass doors is a display of collected items, tableware and her collection of gardening books.

Elies van der Linden Home

The eye catching botanical wallpaper in the livingroom is from Onszelf.

Elies van der Linden Home
Elies van der Linden Home

Elies owns a big garden not far from her home, where she grows vegetables, herbs, fruit and wild summer flowers. The pink and purple flowers on the mantelpiece are from this garden.

Elies van der Linden Home
Elies van der Linden Home

Elies owns 2 tuxedo cats, they look so much alike, I cannot keep them apart. One of them photobombed this picture, can you spot him? They followed me all around, curious as they are.

Elies van der Linden Home

Although the house is small it doesn't feel that way, it feels spacious and cosy. The colours are well balanced and I love the little corners with displayed flowers and objects. Tip: Use large furniture in a small room, like the cabinet and sofa in Elies her livingroom. This makes a room look bigger.

Elies van der Linden Home

The yellow table lamp is from Leitmotiv, design Barefoot.

The bedroom

Elies van der Linden Home

The bedroom is serene and has tints of brown and green combined with a beautiful floral vintage wallpaper. The window looks out into the garden. The lace curtains and old window frames give a romantic atmosphere to the room.

Elies van der Linden Home
Elies van der Linden Home

The Office

Elies van der Linden Home

The office has an entrance to the garden. The purple wall makes it vibrant and inspiring. The office chair is a design by Charles & Ray Eames. This is where Elies does her work as a graphic designer. She also makes beautiful artwork.

Elies van der Linden Home

On the wall some prints of her artwork

Elies van der Linden Home
Elies van der Linden Home

The floor in the hallway Elies bought some years ago via VT Wonen.

The Garden

Elies van der Linden Home

Elies is very passionate about gardening. She has two gardens, the one behind her house and a big vegetable garden not far from her home. The book from Alys Fowler is one of her favorite gardening books. She can eat from the garden all summer and sometimes has too much and shares it with her friends. Lucky me!

Elies van der Linden Home

The garden behind her house is wild and filled with flowers and herbs. Here she can sit and unwind with a cup of tea. The gardens always keep her busy but she loves to work in them.

Elies van der Linden Home

Do you want to see more of the work of Elies? Check out her website or follow her on Instagram.


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