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At the end of the year I got a lot of webdesign requests and had to take a break from social media and my blog. Because of that I missed a couple of UJB posts. So this is a three in one!


Check out this corner in our little kitchen. I like to cook with fresh herbs, it smells so good!


2015 has been very turbulent and exciting, we moved to another place and are going to move again this year, this house is our "in between". It is a tiny house with a tiny kitchen, but still very cosy. We also moved from big to small and so we were forced to look at our old stuff.  Do we need it? Will we ever use it?  Does it make us happy? Those three questions helped us making decisions and we got rid of a lot of things to make room for some new. Can't wait to start shopping!

My highlights for 2015: My blog was nominated for the IBA15. I finished some webdesign projects that I am really proud of.  I joined the {at}mine community and won a Botanical Artprint. And my photographs of UJB were featured on several international blogs and even twice on the blog of Victoria Smith, Sfgirlbybay here and here. I have been following her blog for years and feel so honored!

I am grateful for all the amazing things that happened in 2015 and a special thanks to UJB Igor and Judith!

Looking forward to 2016, wishing you all a great year!

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