Restyle of my workspace


It all began with a couple of chairs, then we had to change everything, want to know more? Keep reading!

Lucky winner

A couple of weeks ago my husband came home with 4 beautiful chairs that he won at his work. The chairs are from the J104 collection of the Danish design company HAY. We always loved that brand, we are so happy we got them.

But the chairs didn't fit with the table in my workspace, so I went looking and found a nice table made from light coloured wood at IKEA. And guess what? The table is part of the limited collection YPPERLIG a collaboration between IKEA and HAY. There is no such thing as coincidences and the price was extremely good as well.


On the wall

I found this cute wooden wall shelf from HM Home, I chose it because it is also made from light coloured wood. Later I found out it is actually for a kids room, but I think it looks great on my "grown up” / "plant shelfie” wall, what do you think? I am going to change this shelf regularly to make some #plantshelfie photos for Instagram.


The planthangers are from Loop Living, I bought a lovely Sugar Vine in the Hortus in Amsterdam. It is doing really well, just love the little climber and it looks great in the hanger.

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