Summertime, making plans for the coming season


The summer has started, I love this quiet time of the year. In the summertime the city is deserted, Social Media is flooded with pictures of swimming pools, beaches and exciting places. We are not going on a vacation yet, so I am using this time to recharge, make new plans for the coming season and finish some of my own neglected projects. I have been working on something very exciting, I will tell you more soon!

Help in the office

Since this month I have an intern, she comes every Wednesday. She is great! I teach her things and I also learn from her, she knows a lot of things that I didn't even know. She helps me with my photography projects and also with Social Media marketing. You can follow her on Instagram.

Other Summertime Projects

Still some things to do this month. I have been asked by a magazine for young parents to share my photos in their issue. This year I also started blogging for Greenhouse blog, a Dutch blog about flowers and plants. It is a very nice platform and I am so happy to write for them.

summer flowers

My friends garden

In the meantime I am enjoying the summer at home. Going to the beach or visiting my friend's garden. She has a lovely plot filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers. Last time when I visited her, we had a picnic together with another friend of ours. We talked about food, gardening and life in general, we had a great time. Always enjoy these special moments with friends!

Summertime - picnic

A picnic with homemade treats is alway a good idea :-)

Summertime - Garden plot

Garden vibes, so many flowers, bees and birds. What a great place to be.

summertime - Dahlia

I took home some of the pretty Dahlias.

Summertime Dahlias

I almost didn't have enough bottles to put them in.

Wishing you all a beautiful summer!


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