Plants & glass | Urban Jungle Bloggers

Plants and Glass | Urban Jungle Bloggers

My contribution for Plants & Glass, last months theme of Urban Jungle Bloggers. I am a little late for last months blog theme Plants & Glass. I have been busy with my work, my family and home stuff. So it was difficult to find some time. But I finally got the camera out and here is the result!

I used a glass container I once bought in the thrift shop and put some alien like air plants in it, it looks like a little aquarium. I love the transparency of the glass and the botanical feel it gives.

Plants and Glass | Urban Jungle Bloggers

In the background of this picture the air plants look like moving fish, swimming in the water.

Plants and Glass | Urban Jungle Bloggers

The ceramic bottle is also from the thrift shop, I think it was used for oil or medicine.

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