Visit to Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Spring flowers

What’s better than to visit the Botanical Garden in Amsterdam with friends, wandering through the greenhouses, having a tea or coffee in the restaurant and catching up.

Taking photos

As always I went with my friend Niels. During our visits to gardens or greenhouses we usually draw or paint. This time we decided to only take photos because he is really into photography these days as well.

Enjoy the beautiful garden

We drove to the Hortus from my hometown The Hague and started our visit with a coffee in the restaurant. This is when I realized that I forgot the SD card from my camera. So I ended up shooting photos with my iPhone instead. First I was a little disapointed about not having my camera, but in the end it was a good thing. This time I could really enjoy the beautiful garden, without focusing on the photography so much. And my iPhone photos turned out really well!


Palm Greenhouse

One of my favourite greenhouses is the monumental Palm Greenhouse. Architect Johan Melchior van der Mey designed it in 1911. In winter, the greenhouse accommodates a large collection of palms, cycads, and container plants. The container plants are mostly all moved outside in summer. Look at the amazing glass roof of this Greenhouse.


This is a photo of one of the rooms in the Palm Greenhouse with all the plants inside. I took it when we visited the Hortus in colder days. And.. those steel doors!


The garden is beautiful and everywhere there are nice quiet places to sit and enjoy nature.

Plants on pink

The Three Climate Greenhouse was designed in 1993 by Zwarts & Jansma Architects. There are three different zones with different climates: the subtropics, the desert, and the tropics. Each zone has its own temperature, humidity, and air circulation. Love all the cactus, succulents and the pink wall, an eyecather.


Next time you are in Amsterdam go spend some time in the Hortus, really worth a visit!

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